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Calendar 2014
     4th TXSW Leadership Conference, 10am at Greater Zion Temple COGIC, Temple, TX 
     20th-24th National Leadership Conference, Dallas, TX

     1st Historical City District Musical, 7:30pm at Emmanuel Pentecostal COGIC
     7th-9th Historical City District Budget Conference at Emmanuel Pentecostal COGIC
                  7th Speaker, 7:30pmSuperintendent C.W. Stewart
                                                        TXSW Jurisdiction Administrative Assistant
                                                        Alamo District Superintendent
                                                        Greater Evangelistic Temple Pastor
                   8th Speaker, 7pm,     Missionary, Youlander Ford
                                                        Historical City District Missionary
                   9th Speaker 6pm,     Superintendent Joseph Johnson
                                                        Historical City District Superintendent
                                                        Emmanuel Pentecostal Church Pastor

     1st TXSW “Call Meeting” 10am
     9th Victory Faith Temple COGIC “Church Anniversary”
     15th -16th Women’s Champions of Faith Conference
     23rd Galatians COGIC “Annual Women’s Day”
     25th-29th TXSW Ministers Workers Conference at Greater Zion Temple COGIC, Temple, TX

      5th TXSW AIM Banquet
     7th-10th National Annual Spring Call Meeting, Memphis, TN
     12th Historical City District “Pew Rally”
     26th Holy Temple COGIC “Annual Women’s Day”

     4th New Life COGIC “Family and Friends Day”
     5th-8th National Pastors/Elders Conference, Portsmouth, VA
     8th Superintendent Joseph Johnson’s Birthday
     11th-18th Historical City District “AIM”
     18th Mother Annie Cooper’s Birthday
     18th Galatians COGIC “Pastor and Wife Anniversary”
     18th District Missionary Youlander Ford’s Birthday
     25th Emmanuel COGIC “Pastor and Wife Anniversary”
      26th-30th International Women’s Convention & Crusade, Louisville, KY

     1st Divine Purpose COGIC “Church Anniversary”
     8th Victory Temple COGIC “Annual Women’s Day”
     13th-14th SMM TXSW Youth Explosion
     15th Father’s Day
     22nd Tabernacle Ministries “Family and Friends Day”
     30th-July 4th National AIM, Kansas City, MO Convention Center

     21st- 27th TXSW 58th Annual Holy Convocation, Waco, TX

     2nd Bishop Samuel E. Iglehart’s Birthday
     10th Galatians COGIC “Church Anniversary
     17th Holy Temple “Pastor and Wife Anniversary
     24th Healing Temple “Church Anniversary”
     31th New Life “Annual Women’s Day”

     6th Historical City District Musical, 7:30pm, Emmanuel Pentecostal COGIC
     8th-10th SIMUL Conference, Memphis, TN
                    (Men’s Conference, Church Growth, Urban Initiative, and Special Founder’s Day Events)
     12th-14th Historical City District Meeting
     15th-19th National Annual Bishop’s Conference, Location: TBA
     21st Tabernacle Ministries “Church Anniversary”
     27th Historical City District Picnic

     4th TXSW Call Meeting
     12th Victory Faith COGIC “Pastor and Wife Anniversary”
     19th Divine Purpose COGIC “Pastor and Wife Anniversary”
     26th Emmanuel Pentecostal COGIC “Church Anniversary” @ 4pm

     1st New Life COGIC “Pastor and Wife Anniversary, 3:30pm”
      3rd-11th 107th International Holy Convocation (and General Assembly), St. Louis, MO
     16th Holy Temple COGIC “Church Anniversary”

     7th Healing Temple COGIC “Pastor and Wife Anniversary”
     25th “Christmas Holiday”
     29th-31st Historical City District “End of Year Revival”

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